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Nadine Smith

I’m a F.A Sports Injury and Massage Specialist. I was 1 of 25 students who was chosen worldwide to study at Lilleshall School of Excellence, in which has given me a higher level of professionalism to work with several celebrities and a Premier League Football Club for 4 years. So you can be confident that you are in good hands with over 14 years experience in resolving your sports injuries, sports massage, backaches, aches or pains. I have also been a Beauty Therapist for over 17 years with a CIBAC, and IIST Sports Massage Qualification.



I have built a reputation for a caring approach and delivery of the highest quality treatments for my clients/patients. From having a sports massage to a facial or a holistic massage you will be educated on how to maintain and take care of your body leaving you feeling you have had the very best experience. I recognize you are unique and because of this I tailor each treatment to suit you as an individual.

I’m also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Members are required evidence of qualification to be insuranced and continue professional development.

As a F.A Sports Therapist I’ve built up a portfolio working with celebrities backstage such as

•  Treating the 1st team at Aston Villa
•  Cebbies Tour
•  On the film set of Kick Ass 2 at Pinewood Studios
•  Green Day
•  And much more (see my Facebook page for pictures and blogs)

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